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Our Kindergarten program is focused on developing secure and respectful relationships with children, in an environment where they feel safe and comfortable to engage in play and learning experiences. We aim to develop a partnership with families, to support and guide children to make connections in their world, develop a strong sense of identity and facilitate wellbeing.

To ensure our sense of partnership and community in Kindergarten remains strong during these changing times, we will be using Class Dojo to share learning experiences and to connect, digitally. A weekly Fairy Tale and Nursery Rhyme will be available, along with a range of fine and gross motor activities. Each week there will be a new learning activity for your child to complete and as these are completed you can share them with me, by uploading them to your child’s portfolio.

Digital resources to support student learning in Kinder



Learning Links to: Early Years Learning Framework (Children have a strong sense of identity and Children have a strong sense of wellbeing). Examples of different families, communities and cultures available (e.g. adoptive families, sushi with grandma, our farm, Coober Pedy).


Learning links to: children being connected to their world. Suggestions for activities aimed at getting outside. Examples of activities include making a rain garden, a bird feeder, planting seeds.


Learning links to: literacy (alphabet focus – identifying letters through play), numeracy (counting, matching and sorting games)


Focus on: story time (often read by a celebrity), song/dance, episodes with a key theme (like baby animals or oopsie daisy). There are an abundance of play and craft opportunities available through the playschool iview app.


  • Cygnet Primary School Launching into Learning (Facebook): join this group for parenting resources, sensory play ideas, stories read by celebrities, cooking suggestions as well as art and craft activities.



  • Kinderling Kids Radio

Learning links to: Literacy – listen to a wide range of stories, rhymes and songs. Health & wellbeing - meditation, gardening for healthy eating habits, learn about body parts as well as songs for music and movement.


  • Bugs & Buttons

Learning links to: Fine motor skills & hand/eye coordination (pinch, drag, tap), numeracy (counting & number, critical thinking, patterns, sorting).


  • Toca Doctor Lite

Learning links to: Fine motor skills & hand/eye coordination, Identifying body parts, problem solving

  • Toca Band

Learning links to: engaging in songs/dance (expression through music), fine motor hand/eye coordination, demonstrate listening and understanding skills


  • Kids puzzles app

Learning links to: problem solving (creativity and curiosity), fine motor and persistence with challenges.