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Reading is an important part of a child's literacy development as well as a fantastic activity to spend quiet time for children in these unsettling times. If you don't have a large range of books at home there is a great range of online books and read-alouds online to access. Here are some suggestions for you to access at home.

Thursday 14th May Update

Follow @savewithstories on instagram and to have access to heaps of lovely celebrity read alouds for kids.

Here is one of the latest from Drew Barrymore:



For the older kids, here youtube video with Author/Illustrator, Sean Tan, talking about his book, The Rules of Summer.


A video of the reading of The Rules of Summer:


Another of Sean Tan's books; The Lost Thing


Thursday 7th May Update:

Here are some new pages and videos to check out:



Friday 1st May Update:

Here are some new pages and videos to check out:




List of sites suitable for Early Childhood

List of sites suitable for Upper Primary


The Premier's Reading Challenge is continuing again in 2020. If your child is not attending school at the moment they can still participate! The school has registered all children from Prep -Yr6 and parents can pick up a reading log from the school or download one at

If you are running low on reading material at home, Libraries Tasmania offer a large range of ebooks which are free to to download and use if you are a member of Libraries Tasmania. Membership is free. Join online at Libraries Tasmania -

The Premiers Reading Challenge has compiled a list of useful sites and resources and and suggestions for reading at different age groups -

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and on instagram: