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Welcome students to Health and Physical Education for Term 2.

Please see your PE work for your grade level in the links below.

It is important that we include movement in our daily routine/schedule. The activity boards are a support tool and provide you with some ideas as to how you might incorporate movement in your day.

Good news: Equipment will be provided for every child! These packs are yours to keep and will help to support learning. Collect your HPE learning pack at school if you have not done so already. 

Term 2 Activities

Weeks 3-4

Sports E-Challenge

We have teamed up with RHS Sports and registered to do their Sports E-Challenge. View and complete the activities by visiting HERE. When entering your results, please select Cygnet Primary School from the ‘Primary School’ drop down menu and enter your results for each activity. If you didn’t do one of the activities you can enter 0 for that activity. You can enter as many times as you like! Have fun :) 


Grade 1_2.pdf





Weeks 1-2

Kinder / Prep

Grade 1/2  Grade_1_2_Captains_Challenge_Activity_Cards.pdf

Grades 3-6

Grade 3 – 6 students, you will notice on your activity board the chance to sign up and participate in the Active Globe challenge. If you would like to be involved in this program, please get an adult to email me your name, date of birth and email address, these details will be used as the login for the account. I will then enrol you in the program. Once enrolled you will receive an email from Active Globe, with prompts to finalise your registration. This program requires you to login, with parental supervision and upload your step count or kilometres travelled for a period of time. You don’t need to own a FitBit or device to participate in this program, simply measure your track, count your laps and add up the distance travelled. Logging your physical activity does not have to be done each day, it can be done once a week or every second day, it’s what works best for you. As a school we will have a number of physical activity goals, which we will try and achieve. If you have a number of siblings and family members who would like to get involved in Active Globe, you must sign up using one email address, one persons names and submit your steps/kilometres as a combined group. If you need support or have any queries please contact the school or email me directly at

Daily Fitness – Get your workout gear ready and join North Melbourne Football Club legend Brent Harvey and his children for a 15 minute exercise session to kick start your day. You can join these live sessions Monday – Friday at 8:30am AEDT by visiting The Huddle Facebook page Alternatively, you can view the sessions on the North Melbourne Football Club YouTube account, once they have been completed

Please visit the following links to view the first two sessions - and


I wish you all the best for the upcoming Term and I hope you enjoy the learning content. Family members, if at any stage, you require support or would like to discuss your childs learning content, please feel free to phone the school on 6295 1241 or email me at the above address.

Best wishes,

Mr. Mitchell – Health and Physical Education Teacher